Administrative Staff




Social Workers

Music Therapist

Pennyroyal Hospice, Inc. Board of Directors

Pennyroyal Hospice is run by a management team consisting of an Executive Director, Finance Director and Clinical Director.

The management team reports to a 15-member Board of Directors. The Board of Directors consists of a diverse group of people who live within the five county region of Pennyroyal Hospice:

President: Tom Sholar, PADD
Vice President: Eston Glover, Retired Pennyrile Rural Electric
Secretary/Treasurer: Diana Crone-Turner
Medical Director: Scott Graham, M.D.

Michelle Edelbrock, RN, BSN, MSN
Diane Croney-Turner, Retired from PACS
Brian Wainer, President Morgan’s Funeral Home
Jennifer Harris, Todd County Health Department
Holly McCormick, Trigg County Primary Care
Linda Morgan, A Brighter Future Learning Center
Carolyn Self, Cornerstone Counseling
Danielle White, Associate Professor
Hollis White

Pennyroyal Hospice, Inc. Staff


Kelly Martin, Executive Director
Rebecca Boggess, APRN, Clinical Director


Melony Sandlin, Office Manager, PRN CNA
Carolyn Leavell, Billing Specialist
Selina Pyle, Human Resources
Teear Wilcher, Electronic Medical Records

Music Therapy

Kenna Hudgins, Music Therapy


Pam Foster, RN
Leah Dixon, RN
Lea Bozarth, BSN
Jessica Knight, RN
Rhonda James, RN

Juanita Avert, CNA
Frances Hendricks, CNA
Jennifer Sullivan, CNA
Rebecca Fuller, CNA
Connie Jones, CNA

Social Work

Kim Baggett, MSW, CSW

Mallory Perkin-Massie, MSW, CSW


Lloyd Tucker

Buddy Slaughter

Geoff Baggett

Volunteer Coordinator

Paulette Anderson

        Heather Hayes, PRN


Director of Business Development

Elissa Tucker