Being a sports nut, I pay attention not only to what is done on the field, but also to many things said away from the game itself.

Recently, Kurt Warner, former NFL quarterback, made this statement:
“For some guys it is all about what they do on the football field and for other guys, it’s taking advantage of how much time they have and impacting the people around them.”

In life, we see both types of people, those who seek to conquer the world, and those who want to leave a personal touch to all those along the way. Accomplishments in life are a wonderful thing, however, those accomplishments are so empty if we have not touched the lives around us along the way.

People will forget our major achievements in life, but take time to make a difference in a life and no one will ever forget it. At Pennyroyal Hospice Inc., our goal is to make a difference in the lives we touch every day. If we all take even five minutes a day to impact a life, imagine how we can change our community.

Kelly Martin,
Executive Director

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